Director – James Peniata

Genre – Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action, Mystery, Horror, Thriller, Drama, Adventure

Duration – 20 minutes

Country – Australia

Language – English

Year – 2021

SYNOPSIS : Enter Gogor City situated on the borderline of the Atomic Kingdom RED LANDS.

Detective Alex Gage [Mark Zimmerman] is framed for attempting to assist in the escape of terrorist Madam Lyra [Olga Olshansky]. He must join forces with Phoenix Flame [Jessica Arapi] and her ex assassin/business partner Ahra Gong [Onakee Dela Cruz] to uncover who in the new government has set him up.

With Phoenixs psychic ability growing unstable and Ahras past returning to haunt him they discover the answers lay within the dangerous and supernatural Red Lands of the Atomic Kingdom.


Official Selection June 2021

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