Director – Tony Murnahan

Genre –

Duration – 4 minutes 45 seconds

Country – United States

Language – English

Year – 2023

SYNOPSIS : The young boy, Isaac, had grown increasingly frustrated with his father’s insistence that he stops dreaming and focus on reality. After months of pent up anger and frustration, Isaac decides to run away from home.

He runs to the other side of town, where he finds a secluded spot under a bridge where he draws an image of a rocket. After he completes his rocket, he lies upon the drawing and falls asleep.

Isaac dreams of being transported up into space, where he meets three alien creatures. The aliens take him on a journey around the universe and show him galaxies and stars that exist beyond the limits of Earth. They each gift Isaac with a piece of device.

As Isaac wakes from his nap, he finds the gifts from his extraterrestrial friends. He runs home in excitement to assemble the pieces. Isaac blasts up the stairs past his father, and slams his bedroom door shut. As he assembles the device, Isaac’s father begins pounding on the bedroom door. Suddenly the device lights up and projects a special image for Isaac.

Isaac stands and opens the door with a whole new attitude. The message seems to have been a revelation for Isaac, and he can’t wait to get back to reality with his new approach.


Official Selection May 2023

Best Music Video May 2023

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