Director – Ilyssa Williams

Genre – Comedy, Drama

Duration – 12 minutes 1 second

Country – United States

Language – English

Year – 2023

SYNOPSIS : “Back to 1” is a comedy/drama web series that involves a man named Eric, who feels like his true goal in life is to make a movie. The problem is that he not only lacks any experience in filmmaking, but he is also a man who tends to not follow through his ideas. His wife, Lisa, reminds him of his past failures, but Eric fully believes he can make it happen. Throughout the series, Eric faces various types of obstacles including mental turmoil from his dead-end job and demanding boss, emotional struggles with his wife, his alter ego insecurities, and staying motivated while his supporters don’t understand his vision. Despite his tribulations, Eric believes in “Always betting on himself.”


Official Selection January 2023

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