Director – Boyi Sun

Genre – Short, Drama

Duration – 6 minutes 32 seconds

Country – China

Language – English

Year – 2017

SYNOPSIS : This essay film is based on a true childhood story of myself. It tells a story that I spared no efforts to find a method that can enable me to shake off the fear caused by a corpse of cockroach. Ideas given by four people, including my grandmother, Hitler, Confucius, and Buddha led me to come up my own solution at the end. The whole film mainly aim at describing the process of formation of my free thoughts sophisticated and unconsciously. I used my personal experience that I confronted with the fear to cockroach to reflect how did family, school, country identity, and religion have impact on my thoughts. My logical process was showing through the film.I seek help because of incapability of child and processed imposed knowledge from different perspective. The various information was chosen according to my value system. During this process, my initial conscience and world view was forming. It is a film not only presented the beginning of independently judgment awareness, but also metaphor the chanciness and uncertainty of human thoughts.


Official Selection May 2017

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