Director – Richard Raubolt

Genre – Documentary

Duration – 31 minutes 1 second

Country – United States

Language – English

Year – 2018

SYNOPSIS : The LBGTQ community is at risk for discrimination, harassment and violations of civil rights. Since America elected an Administration whose language is corrosive and divisive supporters in and out of government have been emboldened to act on their irrational, prejudicial fears. During the best of times, America is often confused, hysterically over-reactive, and highly misinformed in the areas of gender and sexuality. In a political climate dominated by smoke screens, doublespeak, and deliberate misinformation, safety is a priority.Born to Be Heard creates a platform for a compelling and competing humane narrative. This film, composed exclusively of voices of the LGBTQ community, delivers both a bracing critique and powerful arguments for change in the name of love.


Official Selection April 2018

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