Director – Marcelo Carboni

Genre – Music Video

Duration – 5 minutes 36 seconds

Country – ​​United States

Language – English

Year – 2017

SYNOPSIS : DIY video (produced, shot and performed by me, Marcelo Carboni) I used my LG phone and a Canon Rebel T3-i Song recorded by Tom Maxim. Cello by Tom Maxim. Words, all vocals, percussion and acoustic guitar by Marcelo Carboni. Lyric: I’m…caressing the inside of my mouth Gently with my tongue Raw Pure, precious, singular taste Taste of my own I’m…biting the inside of my mouth Suddenly a flooded, little cavity, red space Teeth all immersed and drowned Sangue quente , my blood, my own taste Devouring what I am now Copper, iron , I’m swallowing myself In my guts little pieces of a starving man Autophagia, I cannot help myself.


Official Selection December 2017

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