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Director – Guillermo Arias-Carbajal Alonso

Genre – Black Comedy

Duration – 10 minutes

Country – Spain

Language – Galician

Year – 2019

SYNOPSIS : In Galicia there are a total of 3,771 civil parishes. In all, of course, people die. But what perhaps nobody expected was that in absolutely all there was at least one person who faced death in an absurd way. “Darwin Awards” is a webserie of episodes written with a rich stylistic variety, ranging from silent movies, with slapstick comedy from the early twentieth century, through the police genre of the 80s, to a tribute to the disaster cinema so in vogue in the 70s. Very different ways of approaching autoconclusive chapters. Stories of black humor from life itself (although they talk about death) embodied by some of the most beloved actors and actresses of the Galician audio-visual.


Official Selection November 2019

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