Director – Xenia Tsilochristou

Genre – Documentary

Duration – 31 minutes 19 seconds

Country – Greece

Language – Modern Greek (1453-)

Year – 2022

SYNOPSIS : A documentary about equal participation of older people in the digital world.

How does an older person survive in a tech-dominated world? What is the role of the state in an aging and constantly digitalized society?

Have we ever thought that what is considered s self-evident knowledge for a younger person, for an older person is not?

And finally… do we recognize that older people have rights in the modern digital world?

In the documentary “Hug 65+” Ourania, Penelope, Tasos, Xanthippi, Angeliki and Thodoris, residents of Athens and Patras in Greece, all over 65 years old, talk honestly and with humor about their experiences with computers and how the digitization of almost all services has changed their lives. Representatives of 6 organizations that work with older people discuss the role of the state in ensuring the equal participation of people 65+ in the digital world, so that no human rights are violated due to technological development. According to statistics, in 9 years’ time, it is estimated that 33% of the population in Greece will be over 60 years old. This percentage will hike to 40.8% by 2050. It is time to embrace older people. To ensure that they live in an equal world, which includes everyone and leaves no one behind. It is time to embrace ourselves, as we will be in a few years.


Official Selection April 2022

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