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Genre –

Duration – 10 minutes 21 seconds

Country – India

Language – Hindi

Year – 2018

SYNOPSIS : Helpless DignityOne harassed and distressed……….. comes to Mumbai with his wife…… from a far flung native place of Bihar in search of a livelihood and comfortable life.Dazzling,bewildering,confounding and magnificent buildings and overcrowded and baffling traffic of the metro thrills him.He is amazed and excited in the new atmosphere.From day one he starts to look out for a job what so ever to support his basic needs but a considerable time elapsed,he could not succeed. As dictated by the destiny he chances to come through a red light area.In spite of a rebelling coscience he gets attracted to the working enviornment of the place, finds a clue for some earnings there and becomes a broker. However instead of saying the truth,he conveys his wife about securing a job of a security guard. Now, his wife remains happy but he remains always aggrieved with biting conscience –one for being false and unfaithful to his wife and the other for being helpless to do an utterly undignified job. Days were passing smoothly but one day his wife comes to know about the truth of his job. Out of deep compunction he could not help facing his wife and remains standstill with downcast eyes.


Official Selection August 2018

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