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Director – Daniele Nicolosi

Genre –

Duration – 14 minutes 34 seconds

Country – Italy

Language – Italian

Year – 2018

SYNOPSIS : Getting lost in a maze of branches, leaves and distress. In that loneliness, besieged by panic and pierced by guilt, standing up and finding the dearest thing. Together finding yourself again. Thanks to a four-legged Virgil, ready to lead a lost mother through the dark forest, beyond the infernal anguish of a child lost out of sight of and swallowed by the forest. It will be up to Jack, with his nose and his affectionate lappings, to instill calm and courage in a woman seized by anxiety, as she had been before from work. An ancient and universal story like fairy tales. Modern as the work that everywhere creeps in, the distracting tablets, the office that claims every attention, the loneliness and the sense of abandonment. Without talking wolves or grandmother’s baskets, if anything with a dog capable of smiling and consoling with his eyes. Because the forest is not full only of obstacles to be tackled alone. It also guards some friends, and a sweetly suggested lesson. Not to forget. 


Official Selection July 2018

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