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Director – Robert Pagan

Genre – Drama, Romance, LGBTQ, Surliest, Episodic

Duration – 57 minutes

Country – United States

Language – English

Year – 2022

SYNOPSIS : “Last Gasp” is the story of Damion, a sardonic gay party boy bent on self-destruction. His life is a non-stop party with his best friends, the Lost Tribe.

“Last Gasp” is a story about the time in your life between high school and “adulting”. The time when community college and parties reigned. A group of eclectic young adults called “The Lost Tribe”, led by their theatrical, gay, and blunt Puerto Rican friend Damion, embarks on a year that will lead to more discoveries and tragic endings than expected. From inside Damion’s head to the creation of his autobiographically inspired play, his honesty, struggle, and truth will have you begging for more.

Last Gasp blurs the lines of reality while intimately exploring the themes of acceptance and betrayal in a world of prejudice and intolerance. It strings together moments in time from Damion’s life that are relatable to so many; concluding in a chilling fashion that leaves the audience wondering about their own life choices.


Official Selection January 2022

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