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Director – Gerald J. Godbout III

Genre – Drama

Duration – 5 minutes

Country – United States

Language – English

Year – 2018

SYNOPSIS : Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City; Jayden’s a under dog of all proportions. With 7 years of his life wasted in prison for partaking in some illegal underground MMA fighting. After doing his time, he now realizes that he needs to make some changes in his life. One of his goals is to rekindle his love with his Ex-girlfriend “Tiffany”; who has moved on to better herself, while going to college, working full time and supporting her son that she had with Jayden. Jayden must now get a job, complete some mandatory community service and get a place to live so he can fulfill the terms of early release from prison. While out of prison, Jayden realizes the more things change, the more they stay the same; as his past comes to haunt him.


Official Selection October 2018

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