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Genre – Documentary, Experimental, Feature

Duration – 1 hour 16 minutes 1 second

Country – Spain

Language – Spanish​

Year – 2016

SYNOPSIS : PierPaolo tells us about Pier Paolo Pasolini’s childhood and youth years, through the main characters of his life: his father Carlo Alberto, with whom he has a difficult love-hatred relationship; his mother, he’ll be very close with until his final days, they even lived together in the same house; his younger brother Guido, who joins the partisans during World War II and ends up murdered under strange circumstances; the delicate romantic and friendship relationship with two women: violinist Pina Kalz, a war refugee, and schoolteacher María, who went steady with him; and his deep infatuation with a peasant boy named Toni, he will keep this friendship throughout his life.


Official Selection April 2016

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