Director – Mikolaj Sikorski

Genre –

Duration – 3 minutes 40 seconds

Country – Poland

Language – English

Year – 2022

SYNOPSIS : Music video – a mechanical theater driven by sand presents the Polski Piach band and a song entitled “Lovers” from their second album Północ . (Gusstaff Records 2022)

That’s the shortened version of the piece Kochankowie [lovers] from the second album PÓŁNOC by Polski Piach, released by Gusstaff records 2022

Video, figures, mechanics, animation and concept – Mikołaj Sikorski

The band Polski Piach (Polish Sands) was formed by musician and composer Patryk Zakrocki. The group draws deep on the traditions of original blues, contemporary classic and desert trance to formulate their own musical language. A language which echoes their native landscape, the nature of Polish rivers and cloudy skies.

The Polish Sands Project delves into the spiritual bonds which bind the sands of the Mississippi Delta, the Sahara Desert and the Wisla River.


Official Selection August 2022

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