Director – Aneek Ray

Genre –

Duration – 5 minutes 31 seconds

Country – India

Language – English

Year – 2021

SYNOPSIS : Covid frontline warriors are sacrificing their life for humanity. And yet they are mistreated. The doctors, nurses, medical stuffs are very badly treated locally. Their families are getting bad treatment. They are getting isolated locally. And this is not just a local but a global issue. Yet they go to their respected duties every day to serve humanity. They are the lifeline. We should chose to appreciate them and treat them well. So, what is happening with the Covid frontline warriors is a total social injustice and we should rethink and make the right choice.

A choice is who you are. Your choice of today will define the future of tomorrow. Based on true events around the world, in the film challenging daily life experience of Covid frontline warriors is being shared with counter visuals which depicts the sacrifice that is being made to serve the humanity. The music signifies, calm and composed state of mind, which you need at time of such crisis. Always, it is only a matter of choice… The Choice.


Official Selection March 2021

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