Director – Ah Young Shin

Genre – Drama, Fantasy

Duration – 2 minutes 3 seconds

Country – United Kingdom

Language – English

Year – 2023

SYNOPSIS : An encounter with a strange noise only she can hear unlocks something in a woman’s life. Loosely based on the Orpheus myth, The Ending Montages is the retelling of the myth in which Orpheus does not realize that she is in a myth.

The film explores adaptations, how mythology is portrayed and interpreted by our subjective selves, and how reality influences stories being told. The film is composed of three parts: The Sound, The End, and The Sound of the End.

These three parts are all tied together by the strange noise (=the looming thing, fate, and the sound of the end), representing the continuing nature of classical tales and fate but also the existential dread that comes with it.


Official Selection April 2023

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