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Director – Toshi Asaka

Genre – Action, Samurai, History

Duration – 1 hour 59 minutes 58 seconds

Country – Japan

Language – English

Year – 2022

SYNOPSIS : Around the end of Samurai period, many Samurais become Ronin. Ronin is a samurai who resigned from his lord and travels around Japan. Most of them pursue their sword skills and look for the ultimate techniques of their sword fighting. Sometimes they are hired as Yojimbo, mercenaries, or private guards. Some of them work for the money, but others have strong faiths in what they believe is right, and they fight for their faith.

Two Ronins meet each other and start fighting immediately to find out which one is stronger than the other, but one lady runs into their fighting with many Yakuza chasing her. The Ronins stop fighting and help her. Then, she invites them to her town where Yakuza makes chaos. The two Ronin become the mercenaries of this town to clean up the mess of this town. However, the outrage of Yakuza was the already a part of the conspiracy…


Official Selection March 2022

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