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Director – Pascal Griesshammer

Genre – Supernatural, Scary, Arthouse

Duration – 1 hour 23 minutes

Country – ​​Switzerland

Language – German, Swiss German

Year – 2017

SYNOPSIS : Franzi got herself involved in an amateurish bank heist by her boyfriend Stefan and her secret lover Peter. When only one of them returns to the getaway car, Franzi takes off in a haste. During her flight she takes refuge in a seemingly abandoned house full of secretive rooms. But while Franzi conceals herself from the world, the house develops a haunting life of its own. Soon the young woman can not be sure, whether she’s still in hiding, or if she is already caught in a nightmarish phantom world. And has the estate agent, who causes Franzi to flee even deeper into the house, some hidden agenda? A house from the beginning of the 20th century with its typically Swiss furniture of the 70ies plays a pivotal role in this atmospheric, intimate, slowly building horror-film: Genius Loci. Its unique sound design and the texture of the images create a hypnotic mood.


Official Selection October 2017

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