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Director – Takashi Hara, Maria Tran

Genre – Documentary Film

Duration – 8 minutes 7 seconds

Country – Japan

Language – English, Japanese

Year – 2023

SYNOPSIS : In the short film “Harukaze: Be Like a Spring Wind,” Japanese actor Takashi Hara returns to his hometown, Toyokawa city. Reconnecting with his father, Kozo Hara, Takashi rediscovers the roots of his passion and spirituality. Inspired, he decides to pursue an international acting career while honoring his heritage. Through his mesmerizing Taiko drum performance, Takashi symbolizes his journey, blending his aspirations with his cultural identity. The film explores identity, heritage, and the pursuit of purpose, leaving viewers inspired by Takashi’s determination to share his story and cultural essence with the world.


Official Selection October 2023

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