Director – Jerom Fischer , Boris Acket

Genre –

Duration – 4 minutes 57 seconds

Country – Netherlands

Language – English

Year – 2019

SYNOPSIS : As computers become more advanced each day, and artificial intelligence is on the verge of breaking through to our daily lives, the question of how well we’ll be able to understand this new technology becomes more and more interesting. After all, we don’t expect a dog to understand what happens in our mind, so how can we expect to know what an AI is thinking when it’s much more advanced than we are? Our only reference is our own experience as human beings.’I am Home’ is an experimental sciencefiction short film about a simulated entity going through the different stages of self-conceptualization. Essentially answering the life-long question: “Who am I?”.Each of the five sequences represents one of the many stages we go through as human beings: From the very basic accomplishment of recognizing one’s own body, as babies do in the first few months after birth, to the complex feat of attaining a social identity, something that can take years, well into our adult lives.’I am Home’ shows how fast and efficient a computer could go though difficult processes using logic as its ultimate truth. At the same time it tries to connect the cold, abstract logic of that computer to a more human experience, to make it a bit more comprehensible.Our relationship with computers will only become closer, so let’s keep it a healthy one.


Official Selection July 2019

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