Director – Aashish Rego

Genre – Music Video

Duration – 4 minutes 26 seconds

Country – India

Language – Hindi

Year – 2021

SYNOPSIS : This song title is taken from a poem by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay that became the cry for the Indian Freedom struggle and later the National song of India.

This rendition of Vande Mataram was composed, written and filmed in the peak of the Covid 19 Lockdown in India.

The song and music video sought to inculcate and propogate the Spirit of Creation, Collaboration, Contribution and Celebration in India on its Independance day, to provide another clarion call to people, to rise and embrace these principles that were instrumental in the creation of this video as the way forward to rise from the aftermath Covid 19. For the first time ever 100 Prominent and world renowned Indian Music creators who were competitors came together in One song to collborate, create and perform this song and music video. This song was made on a Zero Budget where no money was paid or accepted by any contributor, vendor or technician. This song exemplifies the immense Power of Collaboration and Contribution in Creation.


Official Selection February 2021

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