Director – Michael Jay Tucker

Genre – Short, Drama

Duration – 11 minutes 57 seconds

Country – United States

Language – English

Year – 2016

SYNOPSIS : When I was a boy, the city of Albuquerque stopped at my street. Between my house and the mountains, the Sandias, there was nothing but the “Mesa”… a word which here, in New Mexico, can mean not just a flat top mountain, but grass lands. As a child and then as a young man, the Mesa was my playground and my refuge. This video is a briefmediation on that harsh garden of unearthly delights, which had no friends and took no prisoners…but was, in its strange way, genuinely beautiful.It’s gone now…long ago paved over or turned into strip malls and suburbs. There is something very sad in that. But also terrifying. One wonders how long the world can survive growth without limit, and consumption without restraint


Official Selection December 2016

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