Director – Lucky Bailey

Genre – Comedy, Action, drama

Duration – 12 minutes 32 seconds

Country – United States

Language – English

Year – 2022

SYNOPSIS : Two rebellious rehab girls rob a strip club while searching for an ex husband, (played by Tom Sizemore), and wind up in a sting operation.

The Dashian Sober House bad girls are finally making a little effort to change their evil ways. Lucky has been working the twelve step program for her recovery from gambling and has reached step 9, “…Make amends with people wronged…”– and she takes it to a new level by starting with her ex husband, the Hitman named “Shh.” Tom Sizemore plays the role flawlessly and is the perfect yin to Lucky’s yang, but when the rebellious vixens take vengeance instead of amends with him and the patrons at the strip club/card room he frequents, deals are made that aren’t exactly what the 12-step program intended. The risk was taken as soon as the blonde villain sex kittens walked into that bar of sinful pleasures. Everyone finds themselves reunited with their vices and ultimately vice is what busts.


Official Selection July 2022

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