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Director – Omar Sandoval

Genre – Psychological Thriller

Duration – 15 minutes 48 seconds

Country – United States​

Language – English​

Year – 2023

SYNOPSIS : Arthur, a young man in his twenties who has been struggling with nightmares all his life, has finally got the chance to see April, a recently hired regression psychologist therapist, to try and help him and look into what is going on inside his mind. After a couple of visits, April feels that Arthur is finally ready to go through regression therapy to help him see what is happening inside his consciousness or past lives that could be affecting him.

Well into his next session, Arthur finishes telling April about the nightmare he relived last night. April performs a breathing exercise with Arthur to calm him down and get his mind off the nightmare by asking him to pick something out with his favorite color on it. Arthur does as he is told and circles around to the back of her desk. He spots a gold bell which is used to cancel out a regression. Arthur looks over at a family portrait that April has on her desk. He faintly recognizes the father, mother, and daughter in the picture. He calls out the nickname April’s mother used to call her, “Nana.” April could not believe what she just heard, a nickname she had not heard in a very long time, especially since it was her mother’s last words on the night of her death.

April brings Arthur into the regression room and starts the regression therapy. Arthur falls into a trance and wakes up in his subconscious mind. He experiences something he has never thought could be possible. Arthur follows instructions nervously after having an eerie feeling about imagining a door. He is requested to open it but will soon regret doing so. He encounters the Entity from his past life—a vicious murderer who haunts his mind from inside his consciousness. As Arthur passes through, the entity takes the opportunity to get out and lock Arthur inside where he once was.

The entity awakes from the trance and stares up at April. April gets spooked and knows something is wrong. She tries to calm down and rushes to her desk, where she can ring the gold bell to cancel out the regression, but before she can ring it, the entity grabs onto her wrist and stops her. April is in disbelief. Arthur is the reincarnation of the same vicious monster that killed her parents. The murderer had existed in the back of Arthur’s mind all these years. April feels at fault for releasing this psychopath out into this world. April attempts it again, but he grabs her by the throat, squeezing her life away as he did to her mother. April breaks away and rings the bell. He has a massive headache and drops to the floor. April rushes out of her office and calls the police. When she gets back to her office, the entity is gone. April does not know if Arthur is back and running away from the situation scared or if the murderer is out there once more. She breaks down, confused and worried about what is to come. Her mind has checked out. An empty shell now.


Official Selection June 2023

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