Director – Bianca Pezo

Genre – Documentary, LGBTQ, Female, femalefilmmaker, firsttimefilmmaker

Duration – 6 minutes 31 seconds

Country – United States

Language – English

Year – 2019

SYNOPSIS : PRIDE was long in the making. Growing up as a queer hispanic woman in the world, I struggled to find others who had a relatable experience with coming out to loved ones and friends.This film sprouted from the idea that when a person of any age or sexuality thinks about the difficulty of coming out, there should be a canon to draw from.Life is difficult already. Now, throw on top of that discovering your sexuality. Add to that coming out to friends and family. In so many ways, these are some of the most private and precious feelings we deal with in our lives.PRIDE was a way to highlight a few individuals as they revisit their experience in a safe and comfortable space, and reflect on how much they’ve grown since the occurrence.Producing and directing this film would not have been possible without the immense support I received from emotion studios. Working for them has shown me how to embrace my individuality. Not only as a woman in film, but as a latin queer woman in film.I hope that as this film continues to circulate, the message spreads that while “coming out” is not always easy and it is not always well-received – it is not for them, it is for you! It is for someone to embrace their feelings and their attractions. To find a community that welcomes that is all most people will ever ask for or hope for.To all the people who have come before me and to all of the people who will come after me – this is my way of letting you know it will be okay and that you are not alone.


Official Selection February 2019

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