Director – Shen Friebe

Genre – Comedy

Duration – 9 minutes 12 seconds

Country – Australia​

Language – English​

Year – 2023

SYNOPSIS : You’ve Been Served centres around the lives of four domestic servants, all working together to tackle the many daily dilemmas (and catastrophes) they face in the de Lacy Manor. Their employer, Leopold de Lacy- a senior millionaire and successor of his family’s business, De Lacy Elastics- hires the young, vastly dissimilar servants to cater to his needs around his home office and mansion. The servants include Maid-Of-All-Work Fiona, a bookish redhead with pedantic organizational skills and neurotic tendencies. Chambermaid Dana, a dark clothed columnist with a tendency to make sardonic comments and be the voice of reason amidst chaos and drama. Owen, the nerdy and awkward general assistant with a childish temperament, though is also highly attentive and full of surprises, and Groundskeeper Ricky- a scruffy, reckless drama student with a penchant for causing trouble and proposing wild solutions to stick situations. The servants also bear constant interferences from Leopold’s pretentious son, Clarence, a vain 21-year-old arts student who is as aristocratic and well-dressed as he is self-centered and brazen. All characters also endure the eccentricities of Mr. de Lacy’s younger and unhinged brother, Walter, who is as outrageous as he is unpredictable.


Official Selection September 2023

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