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Director – Doyinsola Ajayi

Genre – Drama

Duration – 15 minutes

Country – Nigeria

Language – English​

Year – 2023

SYNOPSIS : After Maki’s abusive marriage to the man of her father’s dreams, deep therapy is inevitable for her, when her past comes knocking.

Maki Ogaga is on her way to becoming the MD of one of the biggest banks in Nigeria. She breaks up with her Muslim boyfriend Jamal Lawal to marry her childhood friend Jude King, who according to her father, is a well-raised man with a solid Christian background.

Maki leaves her marriage after an incident that leads to Jude dehumanising her, but the reoccuring nightmare of Jude bending her over the WC in the bathroom as he pushes a mopstick into her ass hole torments her.

Maki decides to see a therapist but what she finds out is not what she bargained for.


Official Selection September 2023

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