Director – Lilith Jörg

Genre –

Duration – 2 minutes 28 seconds

Country – Germany

Language – English

Year – 2019

SYNOPSIS : On a concert stage you always can join great sounds and incredible musicians. But sometimes the sounds next to the stage are turning into the focus of attention. The cellist tries to start with his performance, but there’re a number of surprises.Laudatio Gib’ mir Fünf, International Kids Filmfestival, Hamburg, Germany 2019: “The first prize of this year’s High-Five Competition goes to “fortissimo” by Lilith Jörg. This film convinced us, because he met the topic of the competition exactly! We have heard many different sounds and sounds that were sometimes beautiful and sometimes disturbing. The young filmmaker has always had new and outstanding ideas to disturb the cellist in his performance. The StopMotion is well done, you can even see the finger movements – and finally there is a smooth end with beautiful music.”Laudatio Goldene Gans Filmfest, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2019 ( “A charming little animated film that shows the passion of the young director and creator. This film has scored an excellent storytelling. Own experiences are included in a very funny way. The realization is really stunning. It’s well done from the idea to the final cut. Lilith put her heart and soul into every detail that can be seen in the presentation, the protagonist and the backdrop. Best wishes to this talented young lady for future film projects. We are looking forward what to see next!”


Official Selection September 2019

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