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Director – Raghuveer singh

Genre – Feature Films

Duration – 2 hours 23 minutes 6 seconds

Country – India

Language – Hindi

Year – 2016

SYNOPSIS : Jat Jatin (famous folk tale of Bihar ) A true story Synopsis Hindi feature film- Jat Jatin In this story of women’s tribulation Jat (Rajiv Dinkar) and Jatin (Amar Jyoti) fall in love with each other. A ruffian of the village named Chamru (Amiya kashyap) casts an evil eye on her and goes on harassing her till the end of the story. But she faces him courageously. In spite of lots of objections Jat and jatin get married. Giving expression of love, affection, sarcasm, skirmish dispute etc through the medium of songs. Jat leaves for Morang to earn his livelihood. When she (Jatin) doesn’t get any information about him (Jat), she encounters all the struggles of life. Meanwhile snake bites her only son Raghudas . Having not been recovered through hocus-pocus, she gets him treated by a physician and Raghudas gets well. Being perplexed by the by the intolerable distress of life. Having conspired with the postman Chamru embezzles the money order, which is revealed after Jat’s arriving home. After the disclosure of the secret Chamru gets beaten black and blue. At the hands of Jat and village people. The story ends pleasantly with a massage that wrong doer always has to face the music. Jat and Jatin Unite again with harmonisation of 15 popular folk songs.


Official Selection May 2016

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