Director – Shuvayan Mukhopadhyay

Genre –

Duration – 14 minutes 29 seconds

Country – India

Language – Bengali

Year – 2020

SYNOPSIS : Veteran blind portraitist SARIT visits a Homestay during his expedition pursuits. And eventually meets little girl MOUNISHA and gets very conversant with her. MOUNISHA finds out one Harmonica in SARIT`s Travel kit and urges to learn basics of it. SARIT desires a return from her in turn and MOUNISHA offers a bottle made of glass having some portion of water in it. She claims that bottle could fulfil any wish for SARIT.Host of that homestay and grandmother of MOUNISHA, SIMANTINI was following every movement of SARIT remotely from beginning. She comes to collect that bottle from SARIT and makes him aware of life threat against fulfilment of any wish in price of portion of water left in that bottle.SARIT disagrees to hand it over to her and expresses his last wish to see the world around for a glance in price of his life even. Next morning SIMANTINI finds SARIT`s room vacant and manage to get a letter written by SARIT.


Official Selection April 2020

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