Director – Eyal Gamili Holtzeker

Genre –

Duration – 2 minutes 14 seconds

Country – United States

Language – English

Year – 2021

SYNOPSIS : My name is Eyal Gamili and I specialize in telling unique and compelling stories in pictures, video, and music. I created a tourism video series that tells the very human story of Cuba so that the world can see the beauty I see in this beautiful country and people.

Cuba touches my heart. The architecture. The people. The climate. The food. All of it is comprehensively amazing and alive. I want to create a video that tells the story of its magnificent beauty so that the world knows exactly how special and transformative a visit to Cuba can be.

I wish to meet people in different cultures, tell their stories in pictures, music and portray the unique beauty that people can expect when they choose to visit. Tourism in some countries is the main income so this should help more people specially in the Covid-19 pandemic time.


Official Selection October 2021

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