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Director – Joshua Williams

Genre –

Duration – 11 minutes

Country – United States

Language – English

Year – 2019

SYNOPSIS : Cindy, a 9/11 survivor, struggles living everyday life 15 years after that day. While battling health and depression, she tries to find ways to cope but still finds herself reliving that tragic day again and again.One of the main reasons I was compelled to make this film was to shine light on those who are still suffering from the 9/11 attacks. Although it’s been 18 years, many people are dealing with PTSD, loss, and physical trauma from that day. 9/11 victims continue to develop life-threatening illnesses and thousands have died from cancer and other sicknesses due to the attacks. To this day, the numbers continue to rise. It’s important for them to know that they are not alone; that we’re fighting alongside them no matter what.


Official Selection June 2019

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