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Genre –

Duration – 9 minutes 44 seconds

Country – India

Language – Hindi

Year – 2020

SYNOPSIS : It’s a story about a young girl (Aadra) that she went through in depression ,and in during depression she cheated her boyfriend (Ivaan),and when Ivaan knew that he left her .One day Ivaan called her and ,he expressed his desire to meet,Aadra perpetually lives in stigma, whenever she digs into the past of good time which spent with her boyfriend and bad time when she intimated with another guy in a party .Ivaan and Aadra they meet at a cafe ,now Ivaan console her and started talking about past ,Aadra started saying something through her eyes to she feels like very guilty and apologetic and she couldn’t resist to stay there ,and she leaves.


Official Selection January 2020

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