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Director – Roberto Pantano

Genre –

Duration – 25 minutes

Country – Italy

Language – Italian

Year – 2019

SYNOPSIS : Lucio, an Italian teacher who lives in France, lives a deepest existenzial discomfort when a movie script, written together with his friends, makes him die in tragic circumstances. Derided and mocked because of his attitude of passive resignation, once arrived in Rome for the shooting of the film, Lucio decides to surprise his friends with an extreme action. So it happens a grotesque parade of cynical and indifferent friends, symbolizing the result of today’s society, clinging to a disruptive materialism, addicted to images of death and cruelty, distracted by the confusion and speed of a world increasingly marked by individualism. Faced with this decline of customs and feelings, Lucio opposes his firm rejection.


Official Selection July 2019

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