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Director – koli Narayan

Genre – Drama

Duration – 29 minutes 45 seconds

Country – India​

Language –

Year – 2020

SYNOPSIS : The Characters of this Film were Rajat & Swapna (Brother & Sister) belong to a rich family. They are very Cultural & well educated. Their parents died 5-6 year ago. Rajat & Swapna didn’t contact their relatives & any friends. Sister Swapna Didn’t married in order to take of her Brother. They used to live happily but suddenly the sister died. After her death her Brother didn’t cremate her body, So he didn’t share her body to God. People can’t live alone throughout their life. They Depend on there friends, Relatives or their passionate subjects. So as in this film Rajat also kept his dead sister in there hometo get rid of his loneliness .


Official Selection August 2020

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