Password: GrateLe@der7

Director – Frank A DeChirico

Genre – Experimental

Duration – 7 minutes 20 seconds

Country – United States

Language – English

Year – 2020

SYNOPSIS : We all have experiences of crazy and weird people we work with but have you wondered who hired them, and whether they knew this person to be crazy or were just ignorant and wanted to fill the position?!Eve has an interview with Tom for an IT support position. After going over his “impressive” resume, she asks where he sees himself in five years.He describes a world of civilization’s near collapse after the “near apocalypse” and his role in saving it.Eve kicks Tom out of her office as he rattles off a series of techniques he would like to try in his new job.We bring to you a new office comedy and we are sure for it to tickle some nerves. Please enjoy our COVID pandemic special!!!Ratings


Official Selection August 2020

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