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Director – Bruce Adamson

Genre –

Duration – 1 hour 51 minutes

Country – United States

Language – English

Year – 2019

SYNOPSIS : The history of the family of Rufus Easton, family, friends and their influence on the early and founding of Missouri. The film focus is on slavery and abolition by such people of Elijah and Owen Lovejoy. The importance that Edward Bates played as Abraham Lincoln’s Attorney General. Bates lived in the Easton family home for more than five years and was Rufus Easton’s law partner at this time. How would history have been altered had Rufus Easton entered a duel with Vice President Aaron Burr in 1806; and if in 1842 Abraham Lincoln had entered into a duel with James Shields on Bloody Island, outside of St. Louis. Easton’s sons Colonel Alton Easton (inspector general for militia state of Missouri) raised 55,000 soldiers and his brother Chief Quartermaster Langdon Easton supplied William T. Sherman’s 100,000 man army with food and forage for their horses using the rivers and railroads. Many years later Rufus Easton’s great granddaughter Lillian Easton Kissam married George W. Ely’s son Henry, who built the Astoria hotel for John Jacob Astor, IV. This is the present site of The Empire State Building. The theme evolves around slavery, the founding of Alton, Illinois by Rufus Easton’s role in passing laws as Missouri’s Attorney General and the tragic murder of the Rev. Elijah Parish Lovejoy in November 1837.


Official Selection June 2019

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