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Director – Rahul Yadav

Genre – Social

Duration – 9 minutes 48 seconds

Country – India

Language – Hindi

Year – 2019

SYNOPSIS : A country where food, cloth and shelter comes as priority to education of a child, Article 21a of Indian constitution seems frivolous. This is a story of an Indian citizen who instead of seeking her primary education even after 70 years of independence is walking miles from her home to school, not to receive education but to find some food. While this problem remains old but the solution is spars and India remains a third of worlds illiterate. This girl too is trying hard to bring all the arithmetic she knows to earn her livelihood .The Short Film ‘10 Ka 4” revolves around the character of a 7year old girl who is trying to make a living for her family by selling stationary outside a high class English medium school. The movie is also trying to show the two different strata’s in the society, and how one of them is very vigorously fighting to reach where the others are. The film also sheds light on child labour & right to education which are very prominent in today’s society.


Official Selection March 2019

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