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Director – Jack VanderToll

Genre – Short, Drama, Supernatural

Duration – 15 minutes 40 seconds

Country – United States

Language – English

Year – 2018

SYNOPSIS : Robert, an innocent young man, barely evades a figure who is ruthlessly hunting him. His plight hasn’t gone unnoticed by supernatural beings Michael and Magnus who are both fighting to either save or doom Robert’s soul. Robert seeks help from his friend Felicia as they are caught in the cross hairs of a timeless battle between good and evil.Robert and Felicia are enjoying a quiet night together when they are abruptly interrupted by a figure who is called upon by Magnus to deliver them to his master. Robert and Felicia aren’t the only ones in danger. Michael has been lured into Magnus’s trap in his effort to save them. The fates of both mortal and supernatural hang in the balance on Earth and among the stars.


Official Selection March 2018

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