Director – Lilita Grinberga

Genre – music-art, music, piano concerto, orchestra music, instrumental, neoclassical, experimental, no dialogue, political art, poetry, videopoetry, dostoevsky, refugees, crossover, new-age

Duration – 4 minutes 18 seconds

Country – United Kingdom

Language – No Dialogue

Year – 2020

SYNOPSIS : This music video was inspired by a poem called “The Truth” that I wrote some years ago:”I long to know her face, to touch her hand,They say she’s ugly for she hides and wears all black.Maestro God as you conduct this piece -the rapture of which heals and kills -Do you see her?Is The Truth worth one child’s tears?”The music is my own composition using digital musical instruments and blending elements of classical style and world music. Most of the footage was filmed from the top of the Montaña del Mojón volcano on the island of La Graciosa and in Germany and UK. The work explores Dostoevsky’s question of whether any higher harmony or truth is worth the tears of one child. The truth cannot be known therefore the woman in black hides her face, perhaps ashamed of her ugliness – for human cruelty knows no bounds. God conducts the music and the child, ever hopeful, looks for answers as she encounters the beauty of the world and its destruction.”An Epilogue” differs from the traditional music video genre for it has no lyrics but still has a sketch story, which leaves ample space for subjective interpretations.”An Epilogue” is my most recent work and follows my “Music for 2 Pianos and Tape Recorder” which has won several awards.


Official Selection March 2020

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