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Director – Miguel Miller

Genre – LGBT, Drama, Suspense

Duration – 26 minutes 50 seconds

Country – United States

Language – English

Year – 2021

SYNOPSIS : Antoni-a is a cross-dresser sex worker with a troubled past that we discover while formidable detective Ana Frank is interrogating her. Bloodied and beaten, Antoni-a relays the harrowing events that caused her bruises and Mr. Silverman, her John’s death.

On a routine night working the streets, she comes across a familiar face looking for sex. Antoni-a quivers initially, but, decides to get into the John’s car. Inside the motel room, a skittish Antoni-a and a reassured Mr. Silverman kiss passionately. The more they kiss and grope one another, the more Antoni-a wonders if the man responsible for her near-daily beatings when she was 7 recognizes her.

Detective Frank carefully probes for more details, possibly a motive. Antoni-a encroaches with incriminating information. She speaks about her father being embarrassed by his gay son and the shame it brings to the family.

After hours of interrogation, Ana uncuffs a bewildered Antoni-a. The formidable detective softens to Antoni-a and offers her a motherly hand.


Official Selection January 2021

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