Director – Duccio Parisini

Genre – Electro-Bear-Pop

Duration – 4 minutes 41 seconds

Country – Italy

Language – English

Year – 2019

SYNOPSIS : The videoclip is a tribute to the art of collage and its ability to amaze and entertain. The director, DuccioParisini, has worked with Be a Bear on the creation of this mash up. He has chosen to overlap with irony, thanks to a split screen, images belonging to completely different worlds: the animal kingdom, the relationship between natural and non-natural elements, spirituality, games and others. In addition to surrealist collages, the director used scenes from everyday life, because everything in life is connected and nothing is left to chance. Do you know the movie “Life in a day”? The goal is to connect apparently disconnected scenes to create a coherent image, a sort of paradox: that of love, that of the opposite poles that attract each other. But at the same time, it also tries to make us reflect: where we come from and how we are becoming.


Official Selection September 2019

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