Director – Dayang Chen

Genre –

Duration – 7 minutes 22 seconds

Country – China

Language – English

Year – 2020

SYNOPSIS : In a closed country, the government claims to be the only civilized entity in the world. However, after a long period of research, a scientist does not agree with the government’s theory and hopes to explore the unknown world. The scientist publicly announces the invention of the country’s first aircraft and is ready for his exploration. The dictator of the government knows the scientist’s theory and thinks that it challenges the government’s authority. So the government arrests the scientist and sentences him to heresy. Meanwhile, flying becomes a felony in this country. The son of the scientist escapes. When he grows up, he changes his name and becomes a young engineer. He inherits his father’s ideals and studies the aircraft secretly. Once he successfully passes through the government’s layered blockade. Consequently, he breaks through and flies into the sky……


Official Selection November 2020

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