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Director – Richie Moore

Genre – Drama, International, Asian

Duration – 20 minutes 42 seconds

Country – ​​Thailand

Language – English

Year – 2017

SYNOPSIS : Twenty-three years old, with a first class honours degree and forty-eight grand in student loans, Emily Davidson’s sick and tired of being told she’s part of the ‘Snowflake Generation,’ accused of having unrealistic expectations and an over-inflated sense of their own importance. All Emily wants is a chance and she knows she has to strive to get it. There’s no easy route into political journalism – she has to make a splash.Emily sees a world of senseless wars, western democracy in crisis, the re-emergence of the far right. The rich get richer, the poor and vulnerable can go to hell, and drugs are the only escape for millions. Yet the media is full of football, celebrities and fake news. Her generation didn’t create this screwed up world – but they’re going to inherit it. Armed only with a video camera, Emily sets out to shine a light on the chaos – starting at the bottom of the heap – South-East Asia, where poverty and the drugs trade are endemic. Her journey takes her to Bangkok, where the darkest side of Asia and western capitalism collide in spectacular fashion.


Official Selection August 2017

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