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Genre – Drama, Fantasy

Duration – 1 hour 2 minutes 16 seconds

Country – India

Language – English

Year – 2018

SYNOPSIS : Some say the sun disappeared from the sky suddenly, and some say it happened gradually. The world was left without a sun in the sky, and the only way to survive was to cover up everything in bright artificial lights, lights created to bury as much darkness as possible. The lights have replaced the need for the sun now, and people have even started to forget about it. Now, even talking about the darkness is taboo.But an artist, Sneha, feels out of place in this strange new world of dancing lights, and her only comfort is the myth that there is still a place, hidden from plain sight, where you can see the sun again. Nobody knows where this place is, or how to get there, and most believe it only exists as a myth.So, when a visitor to Sneha’s art gallery finds out the pieces of darkness hidden subtly in all her art, pieces even she hadn’t noticed before, the darkness starts to grow up on her literally. She starts to feel the darkness seeking her out everywhere. She is then confronted with the choice of whether to face the darkness which is growing up on her, or to run away from it, as everyone tells her to.Beyond the darkness is the promise of reaching the hidden mythical land where the sun can be seen again. But that would mean facing her past, which she had buried deep inside her darkness.


Official Selection December 2018

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