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Director – Kerryn Williams

Genre – Sci-Fi, Drama, Action, Comedy

Duration – 10 minutes 37 seconds

Country – ​​Australia

Language – English

Year – 2017

SYNOPSIS : In the quiet countryside of Yarramalong two quirky POLICE OFFICERS happen across a young woman seemingly terrified by an incident she had just witnessed. The OFFICERS invite the woman into the car just as a radio call comes through about reports of a crashed aircraft. Linking the radio report and the claims of the young woman the OFFICERS decide to investigate. It’s not until the woman claims that it may have been a “spacecraft” and that a man “walked out of the fire” that the two police officers form their doubts.Soon the officers reach the burning debris with an undulation of trees only to find that the reports of a man are true. Amongst the wreckagean unidentified man is spotted sifting through the wreckage. However, it appears he is not a survivor but in fact looking for something or perhaps someone. Before the officers can question him, he is attacked by a man clad in strange ritualistic clothes and a weapon that resembles an energy beam. The men face off in an intense battlebefore the police officers in which they gest at the very nature of the whole thing – perhaps thinking it’s all some elaborate ruse.


Official Selection June 2017

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