Director – Øyvind Knustad

Genre –

Duration – 17 minutes 17 seconds

Country – Norway

Language – English

Year – 2021

SYNOPSIS : A three part Sci-Fi drama that explores the relationship between humans and technology, how people are inspired to write stories and how artificial intelligence, in contrast to humans, relate to the world.

Chapter one: Alena has to make big life decision as her boyfriend’s job situation changes. The events also have an effect on her inspiration to write.

Chapter two: David is making a story-writing machine learning software, despite the disappointments of his adoptive father who is an unpublished writer. At the risk of further divide between them, David is trying to land an internship with the robot company GenTech.

Chapter three: Julie and the family robot, who is about to be replaced, have their relationship tested in ways she couldn’t predict.


Official Selection May 2021

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