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Genre –

Duration – 12 minutes 17 seconds

Country – United Kingdom

Language – English

Year – 2022

SYNOPSIS : 3000 years ago in ancient Greece there was the ethereal world of the divine and the human world of the mortals. The gods protected the people and the nymphs were destined to protect nature. The nymphs were beautiful young female deities. Her name is “Melissanthe” and she was tasked to care for the flowers and the bees. She was attracted to the lustful God “Panas” who did not reciprocate her affection. People thought that she lay at the bottom of the lake for centuries but her destiny awaits.

This is the story of “Melissanthe” and her quest for finding her true destiny through the challenges she faced, the misguided decisions she made, her troubling attraction to God Panas, and her unconditional love of the flowers and the bees.. the little creatures that she so much adores. Through this cinematic poem, we travel through time, we learn, we feel, we experience the wisdom of the ancient times, and we are reminded that in all things of nature.. even with the smallest of the living creatures.. there is something of the marvellous. The allegories between the past and the present are ever relevant and powerful. The myth of “Melissanthe” is an inspired symbolism of true love, true destiny, and harmonious coexistence between all living things.


Official Selection November 2022

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