Director – Lilita Grinberga

Genre – Romance, drama, historical

Duration – 3 minutes 52 seconds

Country – United Kingdom

Language – German

Year – 2018

SYNOPSIS : “Music for Two Pianos and Tape Recorder” is my take on an event dating back to 1983 Germany. The love story of two childhood friends (later music graduates) in East Berlin takes a dramatic turn when he escapes to West Berlin. Remaining in East she is put under surveillance by the Stasi. When he finally makes the phone call not a single word is exchanged between the lovers who instead ”talk” through playing piano.This is a story about love that does not stop at walls and barriers, and I intended it as a small contribution towards the idea of tearing down the physical and imaginary borders that seek to keep us divided. Walls create suffering. Let’s build bridges instead.


Official Selection August 2018

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