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Director – Harry Hyun, Hanseok Nah, Sejin Kim

Genre – Drama

Duration – 1 hour 20 minutes

Country – Korea, Republic of

Language – Korean

Year – 2023

SYNOPSIS : Society has changed and is changing everything. Jobs, which we spend most of our time and grind our soul, too. There are more people who have to bear low pay, unfair treatment, and get fired.

So the question pops up: Do we work to live or live to work? This is the story of a girl, Jeong Gyuji (Jeong gyu jik means Full-time employee in Korean, so pun-intended) is here.

The story started from she who has experienced 8 times fired in a row, and gets a chance incidentally to get in the Office of the President .


Official Selection February 2023

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